Typical Problems & Pain Points of Your Industry


Idle Fleet

Operating and managing larger fleets can become complicated - costs incurred when assets are left idle can be higher than one can calculate. Poor resource and inventory management methods lead to documenting inaccurate information, which causes more assets lying idle and unresolved customer issues, thereby impacting the bottom line.


Missed Opportunities

You need to know where exactly your assets are to focus on maximizing asset utilization. Inefficient calendar tracking tools contribute to a lack of awareness, which in turn leads to unutilized assets and resources. This makes businesses lose profitable opportunities.


Inadequate Contract Definition

Using manual methods for managing complex contracts and multiple types of billing cannot escape the margin of human error. Any discrepancies in defined structures, key dates, expiry and renewals notifications, booking terms can quickly escalate and make handling operations tougher and cause disruptions in executions.


Lagging Updates

When information is not consolidated and collected in a single system, there is no real-time updates. This leads to delayed decision making and increase in worries over missing and/or complicated data.


Revenue Leakage

Miscalculated invoices, error in rates, Inability to capture and review accurate equipment rental hours and material consumption - can all lead to poor resource utilization, missed revenue and additional strain to equipment. If you can’t track and bill right items, then you’re just leaving cash on the table.


Lack of Insights

Your business data is your currency for decision making. Inaccessibility to real-time data can negatively impact strategic planning and decision-making. You need to have a system that accurately presents information on inventory, equipment availability and lifecycle and revenue in real-time to get key business insights.

Why Rentegrate?

Managing reservations and equipment are everyday tasks for individuals working in the rental industry. But it comes with its own kind of challenges. Add to that, the manual ways of operating, information gaps, resource management - all of which if not done right, can quickly convert to serious challenges and lead to a process chaos. With growing business operations, rental companies are always on the lookout for newer efficiencies, realizing the value of using the latest technologies to manage and run the business. Rentegrate is mindfully developed to address and solve all your real pain points and challenges, that you face in your Rental Business. Rentegrate helps you manage the end-to-end rental process from initial opportunity to quote, and to all the way through

  • Equipment Allocation and reservation
  • Scheduling delivery
  • Contract definition
  • Pick-up tickets and off-hire
  • Customer invoicing
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards
  • Automation and workflows through-out the entire cycle

Best In Class Solution for Managing Rental Operations

Rentegrate is a flexible solution for any type of Equipment rental business - industrial, energy, construction, tools etc. It is Built for NetSuite - a badge of quality given and approved by NetSuite - the #1 Cloud ERP. Take a quick look at Rentegrate features.

See How Rentegrate Works ?

Explore Rentegrate Features in Detail

KPI’s extensive experience and domain knowledge of of working with Middle East’s leading rental industry companies combined with NetSuite’s leading cloud technology has led to the development of a futuristic solution – Rentegrate. It is an industry-specific solution made to meet the distinct requirements of a Rental business.

  • Simultaneous processing of data in real time environment.
  • Feasibility to integrate with other fleet tracking apps through API integrations.
  • Integrated Rental Assets with NetSuite Fixed Asset Management (FAM)
  • Rental Assets (RA) Tracking with Statuses such as Available, On Rent, Under Repair, etc.
  • Reserve, allocate and deliver Rental Assets
  • Rental Asset wise reports
  • Analytics and reports
  • Contracts for Fixed rate / Time & Material
  • Contracts for Manpower
  • Contract for Ancillary Items
  • Set up Billing Rules based on max. hours per day, week, month
  • Define different billing intervals such as Default, Cycle Billing, Fixed Date, Customer Specific Date
  • Define Special Weekend Rates, Public Holiday Rates, Normal Load, Holiday Load etc. (100s of combination can be set up)
  • Define Standby rates, or other type of rates adjustments
  • Modify contract rates
  • Extend contracts and update all relevant processes and billing records
  • Set, update Contract start date at different stages of operation
  • Create automatic billing records (and then invoice) for Delivery & inspection charges
  • Create billing records based on Invoicing term (Default, Customer Specific Date, Cycle Billing, Specific Date).
  • Create and capture Billing records (based on tenure), for the entire period of contract
  • Final Bill Preview (before Off-hire/contract expiry)
  • Automatic invoicing for billing records
  • Early termination and update all relevant processes and billing records
  • Flexibility to bill based on Meter reading
  • Bill for extra hours of usage
  • Capture and update timesheets
  • Extend contracts and update all relevant processes and billing records
  • Composite rate for Rental Assets, Manpower and Ancillary combination
  • Individual Asset Revenue tracking (even in Composite Rates contracts based on internal rates)
  • Manage Breakdowns, Replacement or Exchange of equipment to complete cycle and changes in Billing records
  • Contract Off-hire (before Off-hire/contract expiry)
  • Re-rent from Market
  • Re-rent analytics (opportunities lost)
  • Allocate and Deliver Substitute Items
  • Substitute (higher capacity) on Rent analytics
  • Contracts Renewal / Expired Contracts
  • Contracts nearing expiry
  • Contracts / Billing records not Billed
  • Revenue / Profit by Rental Asset, Class & Category
  • Customer wise Rental Assets.
  • Fleet Status
  • Fleet historical hiring statistics.
  • FUR % (Fleet Unavailable for Rent)
  • Scheduled Contract Off Hire
  • Pricing history of RA, category-wise
  • UTE Analytics:
  • Rental Asset scheduling
  • Track Available RA by Status (On Rent, Available, Under Repair)

Integrated with NetSuite - the #1 Cloud ERP

Rentegrate – a native NetSuite SuiteApp – helps manage your rental operations along with core NetSuite functionalities of CRM & Financials.


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