Instantly Track your Fleet

Find out which assets are booked or available in a single view

Asset Management challenges that your business may face

  • Idle fleet – Not able to hire at the right price or opportunity
  • Poor utilization – Setting incorrect hiring priorities
  • Asset tracking – Where is a piece of equipment located?
  • Delivery and Pickup management
  • Rental structuring - Re-rent or hire higher capacity unit

Here is how Rentegrate helps you in Fleet management and Tracking

KPI team has built Rentegrate – a cloud-based equipment Rental software to meet specific requirements of the clients in the Rental industry.

Asset tracking

Where is my Equipment? Which customer has which equipment?

Equipment / Asset is tagged to contract / customer with all the integrated details like expected contract expiry and the basis of hiring (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). Tracking an asset’s journey and its precise location makes it easier to allocate or reallocate for specific projects.


See everything at a glance with the Dashboard

The fleet management dashboard gives you a real-time view of asset schedules for pick-up, deliveries, utilization percentage, estimated revenue, asset status, etc. all in one view. This helps your organization to stay on top of deadlines and schedules. Sort and filter the data to see what you want to see!

Identify & Prioritize Asset allocation and delivery

Which assets are available for hire? Which job site are they located in? Are there re-rent opportunities from another vendor?

Can the assets be reallocated for better price or yield?

Get the answers to these questions with a simple click of a button.

Allocate, deallocate or reallocate assets based on sales orders received.


Build for Netsuite Cloud

Rental Asset Management

Contract Management

Automated Billing

Other Ancilary Process

Analytics and Report

Availability Calender

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