Addressing Your Typical Problems

Unreliable Ways of Calculating Payroll

Payroll admins have a lot to keep track of when it comes to calculating pay - overtime, commissions, deductions, payroll deadlines etc. Any errors in payroll can prove expensive to businesses and no business may want to spend their time and money on payroll mistakes.

Inaccurate Leave & Attendance Tracking

It is impractical to track attendance and leaves manually. Basic systems can only record attendance but are unable to prevent buddy punching and time theft. Missed minutes and hours also add up to wasted labor cost and lost productivity.

Separate Payroll and Finance Functions

When Payroll and Finance systems are not integrated, instances of employee being paid incorrectly are more. Separate systems also mean time spent keying information from one system to another is significantly high and there is the no seamless flow of data.

Outdated Records & Documentation

Maintaining accurate employee records, payroll information and documentation is a legal responsibility. Incomplete records such as missing performance reviews, unsigned acknowledgments or the wrong version of offer letters also continue to plague businesses

Non-Compliance with Local Regulations

The cost of non-compliance involves more than possible fines, fees, and government penalties. The time and labor involved in going back and re-doing paperwork, correcting existing errors, and filling out additional forms as a result of mistakes can cost you far more.

Struggle with Timely Reporting

Imagine having to wait hours and days or, in some case, weeks, for information to be gathered from various systems, cross-referenced and consolidated. The quality of reporting and analytics suffer resulting in delays and incompetency.

PR Suite Takes Care Of All Your Essential HR Tasks


Employee Records


Providing Employee
Self-Service Centers








End of Services


Leave & Attendance


Benefits & Allowances

PR Suite - Integrated Payroll, Leave & Attendance Management Solution

PR Suite is a Payroll & Leave Management Solution developed by KPI on NetSuite for managing day-to-day HR operations. It ensures compliance with local laws and regulations across various jurisdictions. PR Suite streamlines HR processes by reducing manual intervention, avoiding errors, and saving time & costs for the HR users. Built using Oracle NetSuite native development tools, PR Suite extends the same features of NetSuite including customization, enhancements and extensions capabilities. PR Suite ensures that most of your manual processes are automated and all data integrity risks of keeping multiple systems are eliminated

Explore PR Suite Features in Detail

  • Setting up Employee details along with Payroll/Salary components
  • Upload Employee Documents
  • Record Personal, Organization and Contact info
  • Defining Employee Credentials i.e., Passport, Driving license etc. for Reminders of validity & expiry
  • Define flexible Payroll cycles
  • Define Payroll Components
  • Jurisdiction based payroll processing
  • Monthly recurring & one-time adjustments and deductions specific for all employees
  • Loans and advance salary for employees
  • Automatic advance deduction from payroll batches
  • Approval workflows
  • Automated journal entries per payroll batch
  • Generate WPS Files (Excel or CSV)
  • Automated email to employee for payslips
  • Initiate termination and resignation
  • End of service computations
  • Social Insurance
  • GOSI (KSA)
  • Provident Fund based on nationalities
  • Employee contribution and Employer contribution
  • Manage leave types
  • Manage leave plans
  • Define leave rules based on company policies
  • Leave applications through self-service & approvals
  • Track the status of employee leaves
  • Encashable leave components
  • Loss of Pay/Unpaid Leaves
  • Automated or Manual Accrual frequency
  • Leave calendar to manage subordinate leaves
  • Reminder of employee credentials validity and expiry
  • Payroll approval reminders
  • Leave approval reminders
  • Log in audits
  • Approved payslips
  • Full leave calendar (Yearly date range basis)
  • Monthly calendar
  • Track & record of requested, approved, processed and rejected leaves based on filters
  • Payslip Register Report
  • Employee Salary History
  • Leave salary & end of service provisioning reports
  • Accrual Analysis
  • Monthly Payroll Variance
  • Paid Leave Summary
  • Bank Report

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Boost your Human Resources with PR Suite - a smart Payroll, Leave & Attendance Management software that seamlessly integrates your HR and Finance functions on NetSuite. Access a set of intelligent tools that automatically calculates employee attendance using biometrics devices, registers and records leaves. Get intelligent reporting capabilities - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports for absences, delays and employee total working hours. Set leave policies, record holidays and capture all the important employee data and documentation at one place.

PR Suite is built for all sizes and all types of businesses.


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