Going Beyond Numbers

At KPI, Audit is not just verification of the numbers reported by the Entity’s management. We go behind the numbers digging deeper into systems, processes and risks.

Audit processes need to be handled with optimal care, diligence, maximum efficiency and sufficient professional skepticism. KPI looks at financials not just from the perspective of the management who present the financial statements, but also from the stakeholders and users of the financial statements like banks and financial institutions.


Who we are?

KPI provides Audit services to a wide client base in the Middle East. Our range of clients include small individual businesses to large multinationals.

Our right skill set, passion to learn continuously and rich experience in the Middle East, help us to conduct top quality Financial Statements Audit. We provide meaningful inferences and pointers to the Senior Management. We strive to add value for all stakeholders.

KPI is one of the Dubai Financial Services
Authority (DFSA) Registered Audit Firms in Dubai

The Registered Auditor status is obtained after successful completion of appraisal of our systems, workflows and capabilities. As a Registered Audit Firm, our systems and processes are subject to DFSA Regulation.

KPI is the first Firm to register with
Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM)

KPI is one of the first Firm to register in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Why Audit is Essential in Business?

Be it Trading, Logistics, Construction or Financial services - regardless of the industry you do business in, you will need to work with an independent and trustworthy Audit firm. Working with a professional audit firm who understands your business and industry can help implement better processes and stronger systems. Such independent Audit opinion, proper disclosures and transparency are highly demanded and usually required by:

Regulatory Authorities

As per UAE Commercial Companies Law, every company shall appoint auditors for auditing their books of accounts by a licensed auditor registered under the Ministry of Economy in the UAE.

Partners and Shareholders

High quality, independent financial statements audit is essential to maintain shareholders' and partners’ confidence.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Lenders such as banks and other financial institutions may require audited financial statements from approved audit firms based in the UAE, before they sanction or renew bank facilities or other services for their customers.

Customized Audit Process

The system handles our Audit process from a risk-based perspective which means that the Audit workflow at KPI is structured to particularly suit every individual client as a firm. It is not a template-based service that is forced upon every single client; but it is a painstakingly designed service that is apt for each client.

What Audit Systems and Processes we use?

Lenders such as banks and other financial institutions may use and rely on the audited financial statements from approved audit firms based in the UAE, before they sanction or renew bank facilities or other services for their customers. At KPI, we use IT systems to support and complement our audit approach. We use latest and cutting edge technology to do our audit work. Our system ensures efficient and effective Audit across each stage of audits starting from planning & risk assessment, testing & execution, and reporting.

We use CCH® ProSystem FX® - a Paperless Audit software by Wolter Kluwer to carry out Audit assignments at KPI.

KPI as Auditors - What's in it for real stakeholders?

While clients, and clients alone, are the stakeholders for most of our service offerings, we make the distinction when it comes to Audit & Assurance Services. It is the users of the Financial Statements who rely on us. And that’s why we make no compromise on quality of presentation of Financial Statements. At KPI the distinction is clear and well understood and is always adhered to.

Talented & Experienced Team

Identifying, hiring and continuously mentoring talented accountants. Organizing weekly/monthly knowledge sharing sessions that keep everyone at the top of their game.

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