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“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

If you ask this question to any of our team members, the answer you are most likely to get is “this morning!”

At KPI, we are committed to the true pursuit of knowledge that can be applied and converted into innovative solutions that are helpful and beneficial to our clients.

Welcome To KPI! Read on as to what we do? Find out how we can help you!

Our Services



Our Advisory team can help you identify suitable strategies to innovate and grow. Our team can assist in implementing controls to achieve cost reductions and effective use of available resources.



KPI is a NetSuite Solution Provider. With the experience of several successful implementations, KPI team can  go beyond your requirements to customize and provide bespoke solutions.



KPI is a DFSA Registered Auditors (one of the 16 auditors in Dubai) our Audit processes are handled with optimal care, maximum efficiency, and sufficient professional skepticism.

Why KPI?

Two Decades of Rich Legacy

Over twenty-five years of experience across various industries, we have also accumulated a variety skill set with which we are always ready to back you.

Innovators & Pioneers

KPI is the first firm in the region to implement risk-based paperless auditing process.

Early Adopters of Technology

As an example, we have developed a one-stop shop mobile App ‘The UAE Business Guide’, for anyone who needs information to start a company in UAE.

Startup Culture

At KPI, we understand that with time, the regulations and challenges will only get harder and more complicated, so we make sure that we don’t lag behind, especially in using technology.

DFSA-Registered Auditors

KPI is one amongst the 16 DFSA-registered auditors, a distinction earned after a successful appraisal by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, after rigorous reviews conducted on our systems, workflows and capabilities.

Our Knowledge Base

All Your Questions Answered

We’re here to share with you the experience and skills we have accumulated over the span of 25 years. Our knowledge base keeps growing as we resolve your problems and solve your questions.

If you don’t find your query in our resources please feel free to ask our experts. We will respond in due time.

Tax is the means by which governments raise revenue to pay for public services. Government revenues from taxation are generally used for public..

Value Added Tax (or VAT) is a form of indirect tax. It is a general consumption tax. Generally, it is imposed on most supplies of goods and services with few  exemptions that are bought and sold.

The features of VAT are as follows:

Tax Procedures Law of VAT can be retrieved from www.mof.gov.ae. Since VAT comes under Ministry of Finance, all publications are available in this site. There is no separate website for VAT.

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