Two Decades Of Rich Legacy

Over twenty-five years of experience across various industries, we have also accumulated a variety of skill sets with which we are always ready to back you up.

Innovators & Pioneers

KPI is the first firm in the region to implement risk-based paperless auditing process.

Early Adopters of Technology

As an example, we have developed a one-stop shop mobile App ‘The UAE Business Guide’, for anyone who needs information to start a company in UAE.

Startup Culture

At KPI, we understand that with time, the regulations and challenges will only get harder and more complicated, so we make sure that we don’t lag behind, especially in using technology as an enabler of our services.

DFSA-Registered Auditors

KPI is one amongst the 16 DFSA-registered auditors, a distinction earned after a successful appraisal by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, after rigorous reviews conducted on our systems, workflows and capabilities. Our audit system, processes, and capabilities are subject to review by the DFSA.


Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

At KPI we are capable of serving you the best by saving you considerable amount of time and resources on research. We believe in challenging the status quo and trying to go beyond a client’s expectation. Everything that we do heavily relies on how we’ve been able to always keep ourselves up-to-date through constant study and research.

Whose Interest Do We Serve?

For most of our services, especially the Advisory services, our clients alone are the stakeholders and they are our first priority.  We go out of our way to deliver best solutions to keep them safe, secure and satisfied.

But we make the distinction when it comes to Assurance services:

We provide our clients with powerful insights and help them identify inefficiencies or risks.

But the situation changes when it comes to presentation of a client’s financials. This conflict is inherent in the Assurance services. But at KPI the distinction and what we do about this is clear. If and when a presentation or quality issue occurs, it is the users of the Financial Statements who rely on our independent reporting and their interest is paramount to us. And that’s why we make no compromises on the quality of presentation.

At KPI the distinction is clear and well understood and is always adhered to. We have scores of cases where we have refused to undertake the Assurance assignments over the presentation and the quality of financials.

Strict Adherence To Compliance

All our solutions and outcomes are strictly in line with local and international laws. We work with “Zero Tolerance” approach on non-compliance, and spend time to train our clients on compliant systems, which makes us unique. Quality and compliance go hand in hand for us, as we respect and adhere to regulations for proper and seamless administration and for our clients’ best interest.

A Culture Of Learning

We unlearn, learn and relearn and take a creative approach to problem-solving, exploring new solutions, and developing them into services for our clients.
Each interaction we’ve had with all of our clients for the past 25 years has only contributed to how KPI has been evolving. We get a new perspective every time we solve a problem and it becomes a part of our learning cycle.