Making Strides on the Success Meter - Techem Uses NetSuite to manage operations and unique reporting requirements.

NetSuite Advanced Financials Solutions Succeeds as a complete tool that solved our business challenges in the areas of invoicing, financial reconciliation and payments.
Managing Director, Techem Energy Services
About Techem Energy Services

Techem Energy Services Middle East started its regional hub in the Middle East and North Africa a decade ago. Techem provides energy management systems to the real estate industry. It is a market leader in this space.

Techem help promote energy and water-saving solutions. Techem's services include billing heat, water, and cooling systems and providing consumption metering.



Dubai (United Arab Emirates)



Real Estate & Energy Management Solutions





Applications Replaced

Multiple Excel Spreadsheets, Manual Processes, QuickBooks


NetSuite Products Implemented

Advanced Financials, CRM, Project Management, Dunning Letters


Business Challenge: Enhance financial management, streamline operations and better customer service

Techem, faced challenges with managing operations and effective financial reporting . The major challenges were:

  • Tagging building owners, property managers, multiple property units and the tenants.
  • Tagging the respective energy supplier, energy meters, and managing timely collections of energy bills onward payments the bills collected to property managers/ energy providers.

The Solution: An integrated system with advanced financial management capabilities

In 2018, Techem decided to implement NetSuite replacing QuickBooks and spreadsheets. KPI team delivered an unique that helped to meet all the specific requirements of Techem. This included:

  • custom solutioning,
  • creation of dunning letters,
  • customized reports
  • payment integrations, etc.

Thanks to NetSuite, all their challenges were resolved one by one:

Fully integrated. One single system

  • Property owners / property managers / tenants, the energy providers and the meter data in one place.
  • all the relationship between each one of the above defined, for analytics, dashboards and reports.
  • fully Integrated with easy to search forms
NetSuite CRM screen showing customer and property records for Techem Energy ServicesNetSuite CRM screen showing property name, customer, meter maintenance details for Techem Energy ServicesImage of Techem bill payment details generated in NetSuite ERP

Improved insights into accounts and better financial reporting

KPI delivered a fully customized solution as per Techem’s business. It was done by creating a unique chart of accounts (CoA) to capture the relationship and the transactions for the property unit/tenant owner. This way, Techem could have a complete view of payments against items. They could have separate breakdowns for Client Receivables (building owner association) and Techem receivables.

Techem can also generate standard system reports and their own customized reports like:

  • reports at various levels like building, floor, tenant, and the unit,
  • customized Balance Sheet Report for each Client Property, etc.

Techem's operations need a unique Chart of Account. Unlike any other Chart of Account of any other businesses. KPI created distinctive Chart of Account to

  • define relationship between several players in the supply chain of the energy services.
  • record the Techem transactions and the Client (Building Associations ) transactions. In one single Chart of Account.
  • get customized Balance Sheet for for each Client property. From one single Chart of Account.
NetSuite ERP system image showing Techem Energy customer reports

Say hello to smart integrations

Supported by multiple API integrations, Techem enjoys an end-to-end integrated system. KPI leveraged NetSuite’s integration capabilities, to help Techem in integrating everything including:

  • unit meter reading,
  • online payment gateway,
  • SMS gateway, and
  • payment kiosk machines which are installed at various physical locations.
Techem customer paying utility bill through kiosk machine in buildingTechem customer paying utility bill through kiosk machine in building

Real-time control and visibility over operations

KPI delivered a unique meter reading and maintenance solution. Things became much easier and simpler at the operational level. Breakdown incidents, service reports and customer correspondence are now recorded in real-time.

NetSuite ERP dashboard showing business data, KPIs and analytics for Techem

Innovation in billing, collections and customer service

Techem's entire billing and collection cycle is managed using NetSuite dunning letters module. KPI team did further customization to meet Techem's unique requirements. Techem's customer service and collections improved as a result of a much-simplified communications approach.

Techem now sends payment reminders by SMS, email, and other methods. On specific intervals based on:

  • account balance,
  • invoice amount or
  • other preferred criteria.
Techem customer receiving payment due SMS on mobile
Working with KPI

“KPI’s team is proficient in devising out-of-the-box solutions. They planned the entire implementation process very well and put their financial expertise into use. The team was confident that with an advanced system like NetSuite, they could deliver and fulfill our unique & challenging requirements. KPI leveraged from practical advantages of NetSuite and we are happy that at the end of the implementation, we got the results we were hoping for.”

Bissan Abbas

Managing Director, Techem Energy Services

The Results
  • Superior Customer Service & Customer Management.
  • Effective management of recurring billing process.
  • Improved cash flow and collections visibility.
  • Complete visibility and access to customized Reports.
Techem’s challenges and requirements were not only complex but required smart planning and expert execution. KPI successfully delivered on their requirements with the help of a sophisticated system like NetSuite.

With over 30 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, KPI has grown to serve customers from a variety of business sectors and industries across Middle East.

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