Infinity enjoys end-to-end integrated tech stack with NetSuite ERP

Thanks to Netsuite and KPI, we now enjoy a completely automated inventory receiving process - where stock management and reporting happens live! We feel better equipped with an excellently integrated system that runs all behind the scene operations smoothly.
Finance Manager, Infinity des Lumières
About Infinity des Lumières

Infinity des Lumières (Infinity Art) is a unique attraction that was officially inaugurated in 2021 at the Dubai Mall. Since its inception, it has become the GCC's largest digital art center. Infinity is a first-of-its-kind digital art experience with a unique immersive art concept.

The center creates and conducts one-of-a-kind experiences through large exhibitions on unique themes. Few of their exhibitions include Van Gogh Art, Cosmos, Dubai Data, Verse, etc. These exhibitions are brought to life in a digital format creating an unforgettable immersive experience.



Dubai Mall, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)



Museums, Tourist Attractions





Applications Replaced

Excel Spreadsheets, Manual Processes


NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite Advanced Inventory, NetSuite Financials, NetSuite CRM


Business Challenges: Automate the inventory/purchasing function, end manual processes and integrate different platforms and systems

There was quite a task at hand for Infinity’s business to be streamlined. They were struggling with manual processes and disparate systems. Data was stored in different systems.

Solution: A fully integrated Cloud ERP system that streamlined back-end operations and fit perfectly with Infinity’s unique needs.

On the surface of it, yes, any other modern ERP could be an option for Infinity. But they chose NetSuite ERP! Why? Because the integrations were complex! And the management aimed for nothing less than perfection!

Given NetSuite’s advanced integration capabilities and automation possibilities, the choice to implement NetSuite ERP became more evident.

KPI’s team was onboarded to implement NetSuite ERP. To provide NetSuite consulting. And, to support them on their NetSuite journey.

Infinity embarked on a successful NetSuite journey, achieving:

1. Increased control over inventory and purchasing

All stages of the inventory management process were automated and formalized on NetSuite including:

  • order management,
  • inventory forecasting,
  • order creation and approvals, and
  • reporting and analytics

This helped the finance manager get accurate and real-time stock counts.

They could analyze and strategically plan the inventories - reducing inventory holding costs, and inventory write-offs, and reducing the chances of excess inventory or running out of stock. NetSuite optimized the whole inventory process for optimal efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Item Receipt

2. Online ticket booking system integration with NetSuite ERP

KPI successfully integrated NetSuite with Infinity’s ticket management solution. A digital flow of information was built - from the online ticketing system to NetSuite ERP.

This enables them to:

  • manage ticket sales, as well as discounts, coupons, vouchers, and/or special packages/events, with ease
  • get precise billing and accounting information
  • generate real-time reports on ticket sales and
  • manage cash flows effectively.
Online Ticket

3. RFID Integration with NetSuite ERP

RFID when combined with NetSuite’s Advanced inventory gave great results! Infinity optimized supply chain, costs and reduced throughput times. It has now become much easier for different departments to share and update inventory information in real-time. For example, when an item is ready and removed from inventory, the status is automatically updated in NetSuite via an RFID tag attached to the item.

This has positively impacted the overall customer shopping experience. For the management team at Infinity, it also means proactive decision-making, better inventory planning and more control.

Reading Machine

4. POS system integration with NetSuite ERP

All POS sales made in store, are automatically synced with NetSuite in real-time, no matter the volume of transactions.

5. Error-free processes, 100% automation and a seamless system

Thanks to process automation on NetSuite ERP, the scope of human errors is highly reduced, and the staff now spends less time on low-value, tedious tasks.

KPI’s continuous support has kept the momentum going. With proper system training and technical and functional assistance, KPI ensures that everyone at Infinity is getting used to operating on the new system and handle any issues.

Infinity DashboardNetSuite ERP integration with RFID, POS and ticket management systems for Infinity des Lumières
Working with KPI

“KPI understood our business processes and integrated all our systems. They finished the project on time. My experience working with them was incredible.”

Wilfredo Perez

Chief Information Officer, Infinity des Lumières

The Results
  • well-defined and automated business processes
  • flawless integrations with Ticketing, RFID and POS systems
  • refined inventory management and improved procure to pay proces
  • improved cash flows and financial visibility
  • real-time data and key insights for all users/stakeholders

Our team at KPI was able to deliver to Infinity’s expectations of a seamless system and on-time NetSuite ERP implementation.

We strategically implemented the entire project in three months, far ahead of schedule for the center's opening.

We are proud to associate with Infinity des Lumières and be a part of their successful NetSuite journey.


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