Harnessing Mining Excellence: Abaad Investments Group Empowers HR Operations with PR Suite

PR Suite has been a game-changer for our HR operations at Abaad. As a localized HR solution custom-developed on NetSuite, it brought automation and efficiency to our payroll management and other time-consuming HR tasks. Now, our HR team can dedicate more time to strategic initiatives, thanks to this cutting-edge solution.
Admin & HR Manager, Zahib Foods
About The Client
Abaad Investments Group is a well-reputed business conglomerate in Oman with a diverse portfolio of companies, particularly in the mining industry. Their remarkable ventures span across bottled water production, food and beverage distribution, mining operations, and property management. Seeking a streamlined approach to their mining endeavors, Abaad embraced Oracle NetSuite, a unified cloud-based ERP solution. Collaborating with KPI, Abaad realized their vision of seamless integration across all functions, enabling sales, supply chain, and accounts to work cohesively on a single platform.


Oman, MENA region



  • Property Management
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Mining




Applications Replaced

  • Legacy Systems
  • Spreadsheets
  • Manual Processes

NetSuite Products Implemented

  • PR Suite


  • Abaad Investments LLC
  • Zahib Foods LLC
  • Zahib Supply Chain LLC
  • Barzman National LLC
  • Bilad Al Maadin LLC
  • Eqtidar Investments LLC
  • Abaad Investments LLC

Business Challenges:

Abaad Investments faced several critical challenges in managing their HR operations across the Group. As the business grew, manually managing employee information and payroll processes became increasingly complex and time-consuming. Some key challenges included:

  • Three Decimal Oman Payroll Compliance
  • PASI Compliance
  • Biometric Attendance Integration
  • Performance Transaction
  • Payroll for Employees more than 700 employees
  • Paper-based processes
  • Inaccurate Payroll Reports
The Solution

With over 10 years of expertise in delivering tailored cloud solutions, KPI provided Abaad Investments with a comprehensive, centralized system to address their challenges with human resource management.

Addressing HR Challenges with Customized Solutions

NetSuite Customization for Three Decimal Compliance

Customizing the NetSuite system to handle calculations and transactions involving three decimal places, ensuring compliance with payroll regulations in Oman.

NetSuite Payroll Management for Three Decimal Compliance

Customized Dashboards

Developing personalized dashboards for senior management, HR teams, and individual employees, providing real-time access to relevant data and insights

NetSuite Payroll Management Leave Request

Paperless Payroll Processes

Minimizing the use of paper and excel sheets by transitioning to automated processes within PR Suite, ensuring data accuracy and operational efficiency.

NetSuite Payroll Management Employee Credentials

PASI Compliance Management

Implementing separate journals for PASI in alignment with compliance standards in Oman, guaranteeing accurate submission of reports after invoice generation.

  • Prorating the employer and employee contribution from the recruitment to the exit of an employee
  • Separate JV’s for PASI as per the Oman Compliance
NetSuite Payroll Management PASI Compliance

Biometric Attendance Integration

Developing a solution that captured accurate attendance data from the biometric device by using time ranges for normal and night shifts, considering multiple work calendars, annual leaves, and overtime management.

  • Use a Time Range for Normal and Night Shift with applicable work calendars
  • Capture present and absent data automatically on a daily basis
  • Automatic consideration of any leaves and overtime for the same day
NetSuite Payroll Management Biometric Attendance Integration

Performance Transaction Automation

Creating a form with English and Arabic language options for employee performance evaluation, enabling automated monthly bonus calculations based on key performance metrics.

  • Automatic Monthly Bonus Payout based on specific client computation method
  • Includes performance transactions i.e., Basic Salary * 15% * Performance Evaluation Percentage
  • Arabic User Interface for Performance Form
NetSuite Payroll Management Performance Transaction Automation

Payroll Management for Over 700 Employees

Leveraging KPI PR Suite to efficiently process payroll for more than 700 employees across subsidiaries simultaneously, reducing manual effort and reliance on paper and spreadsheets.

NetSuite Payroll Management for Employees

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

Creating various payroll reports within the PR Suite. This includes a batch summary report that facilitates analysis and comparison between previous and current payroll periods - saving time and effort for management.

NetSuite Payroll Management Payslip Register Report
The Results
  • Ensure precise calculations for absent deductions, leave management, and overtime
  • Streamlined bonus calculations
  • Increased accuracy and improved overall payroll management
  • Better financial reporting and decision-making
  • Reduce manual interventions and paperwork
  • Improved operational control

With over 30 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, KPI has grown to serve customers from a variety of business sectors and industries across Middle East.

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