FMCG Giant, Abaad Investments Group Optimizes Operations with NetSuite ERP

KPI's expertise in cloud-based ERP systems helped us identify gaps and develop a tailored solution addressing our specific needs. We worked with a very knowledgeable technical team who facilitated a smooth transition from our legacy systems to NetSuite. With user-friendly workflows, inter-company collaboration, and extended support, our partnership with KPI and NetSuite has been a huge win for our business!
IT Manager, Abaad Investments Group
About The Client
Abaad Investments Group is a well-reputed business conglomerate in Oman with a diverse portfolio of companies. They have built an impressive portfolio from bottled water production, food and beverage distribution, mining, and property management. Abaad sought a unified cloud-based ERP solution to streamline their operations, leading them to choose Oracle NetSuite. Collaborating with KPI, Abaad realized their vision of seamless integration across all functions, enabling sales, supply chain, and accounts to work cohesively on a single platform.


Oman, MENA region



  • Property Management
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Mining




Applications Replaced

  • Legacy systems
  • Manual Processes
  • Spreadsheets

NetSuite Products Implemented

  • OneWorld
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Advanced Procurement
  • Advanced Financials
  • Fixed Assets Management


  • Abaad Investments LLC
  • Zahib Foods LLC
  • Zahib Supply Chain LLC
  • Barzman National LLC
  • Bilad Al Maadin LLC
  • Eqtidar Investments LLC
  • Abaad Farms LLC

Business Challenges:

Abaad Investments Group faced significant challenges when scaling their growing business and achieving an efficient financial reporting system. The key challenges included:

  • Rapid growth and expansion of customer base and facilities.
  • Reliance on legacy systems and spreadsheets.
  • Material loss, time inefficiencies, and limited inventory visibility and control
  • Separate data silos hindering effective data tracking
The Solution

Recognizing the complexity of managing data and processes within a large conglomerate like Abaad Group, KPI implemented bespoke NetSuite solutions to address these unique challenges effectively.

Solving Business Challenges with Tailored Solutions

Unification of data

NetSuite consolidated data from various sources, including warehouses, transport systems, and sales teams.

Monthly scale trend

Supply chain management

Automating optimized workflows, from sales orders to billing, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Supply chain management

Real-time data insights

NetSuite's customizations enabled Abaad to access real-time data within seconds, empowering informed decision-making. Comprehensive reports, bar charts, graphs, and analytics showcased trends and provided valuable insights at the push of a button. NetSuite customizations provide reports on:

  • Stock movement
  • Customer outstanding
  • Total Sales
  • Ageing
  • P&L
  • User Journey
Key performance Indicator

Integrated inventory management

NetSuite facilitated optimal inventory levels and streamlined complex workflows, providing updates on stockouts, overstocks, inventory counts, and item tracking.

Inventory Activity detail

Improved interdepartmental workflows

KPI's implementation ensured seamless data security and smooth collaboration across departments.

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The Results

Abaad Investments Group's partnership with KPI and NetSuite yielded remarkable outcomes, revolutionizing their business operations. With a fully integrated system, Abaad can now efficiently manage their diverse portfolio of companies and streamline processes.

Enhanced Productivity

Automation of manual processes resulted in significant time savings and increased efficiency.

  • Streamlining repetitive and time-consuming tasks enabled employees to focus on core business priorities
  • Elimination of redundant data entry reduced risk of data inaccuracies caused by human error, improving overall productivity
  • Centralized data management provided quick access to information as and when needed

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Real-time data analysis and insights empowered Abaad to make informed business decisions.

  • Holistic view of the company's performance
  • Data integration resulted in cross-functional collaboration and strategic planning
  • Predictive data analysis supported proactive decision-making for future growth

Achieving Operational Excellence

The unified system provided a centralized platform for managing and monitoring all aspects of the business.

  • Enhanced data accuracy and consistency improved financial reporting and compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved service levels
  • Smart data-driven decisions are now possible due to superior dashboards, easy third-party integrations and instant report generation

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