A Perfect Solution! Al Sharqi implemented the latest cloud technology - NetSuite, allowing scalability and efficiency of work.

“NetSuite has given us a more holistic view down to the smallest details. This level of visibility was not possible with our previous systems.”

Kashif Rafiq,

Board of Director - Al Sharqi Group & Director - Al Sharqi Shipping


About Al Sharqi Shipping Co LLC

Al Sharqi Shipping is an award winning logistics company with more than two decades of experience in the moving and delivering of goods. Today, Al Sharqi is recognized as one of the leading voices of the logistics industry of Dubai.



Dubai, Pakistan & Tanzania







Applications Replaced

Competitor on-site ERP, Multiple legacy software, Spreadsheets


NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld


Business Scenario

A leading shipping and logistics company, Al Sharqi Shipping in UAE was looking to automate its operations, have better control and get timely information on critical areas of its operations.

The Solution

A set of specially designed automated workflows were delivered to Al Sharqi as a befitting solution to growing challenges. The entire quotation and booking management processes were studied thoroughly. Customization using NetSuite were proposed to suit specific needs and requirements.


  • Manual comparison of shipping quotations on a regular basis
  • Inefficient Management of bookings
  • Providing estimates for customer cargo booking comes from multiple shipping lines
  • Multitudes of origin and destination charges added to this complexity
  • Quotation process and linking to booking confirmation and onward processing was time consuming
  • Billing and receivables suffered as a consequence.


  • Easy Management of booking
  • Task management is automated and simplified.
  • Gained real-time visibility into the Projects, Shipping information.
  • Resource utilization and other operational matters which has greatly improved their efficiency and reporting capabilities.
  • Automated Quote and Booking Confirmation processing and invoicing have dramatically increased efficiency over what was earlier a semi-automated process, helping improve cash flow forecasting.
  • NetSuite’s flexible interface and easier customization of workflows and report builder enable management to have greater visibility into the operational performance.

Working with KPI

“Being a relatively tech-savvy enterprise, we found it frustrating that our shipping quotation and booking processes were antiquated and manual. NetSuite gave us the perfect solution to manage these processes effectively, and more importantly, in an automated manner. I recommend KPI to firms in any industry, who would like to implement a custom solution rather than an “install and work with what you have” method.

Kashif Rafiq

Board of Director - Al Sharqi Group & Director - Al Sharqi Shipping

The Results

Seamless Quotation Process

Customized records and databases now capture and manage charges from multiple originals and destinations, along with route charges from multiple shipping lines and airlines. These seamlessly integrate into the quotation processes at Al Sharqi.

Improved Planning & Efficiency

NetSuite enables to better manage its Quotation process, Booking management, Transport and other logistics planning.

Automation & Centralization of Operations

Along with 100% automation, NetSuite has also given the company headquarters in Dubai centralized control over operations in its Subsidiaries in Asia and Africa.

We are extremely happy to turn our client’s vision into a reality and establish the future of rental operations automation.


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