Al Faris transforms its heavy equipment rental operations with Rentegrate – a built for NetSuite integrated ERP equipment rental operation software.

Improving operational efficiency by 100%, while building the skyline of Dubai - See how Al Faris Equipment Rental is growing and going big with NetSuite.

With the help of NetSuite, we automated various complicated internal processes: from the booking of cranes, to the management of hundreds of timesheets a day and the direct billing of heavy-lifting equipment on construction sites.
Executive Director, Al Faris Equipment Rentals
About Al Faris Equipment Rentals
Based in Dubai, UAE, Al Faris is a premier supplier of rental cranes and other heavy equipment and transportation in the Middle East. It has been part of some of the most iconic projects in middle east including Dubai Metro, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Airports, Riyadh Metro, Burj Khalifa, Expo 2020 among others.


Dubai & Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Jubail (Saudi Arabia)



Equipment Rental, Heavy Lifting, Energy Solutions





Applications Replaced

Competitor on-site ERP, Multiple legacy software, Spreadsheets


NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld, Rentegrate


Business Challenge: increase operational efficiency & maximize resource utilization

Al Faris’s vision is to become the largest equipment supplier in the construction industry and provide state-of-the art equipment and services. This required:

  • streamlining rental operations involving over 3,000 equipment and cranes –on thousands of construction projects, managing around 3,200 employees.
  • allocating and monitoring equipment and labour resources effectively.
  • accessing timely information on available and idle equipment.
The Solution: automating manual processes and implementing a unified system

In 2014, Al Faris decided to implement NetSuite - replacing its stand-alone IT systems for different departments and reducing dependency on spreadsheets and manual processes .

In 2021, Al Faris upgraded their system Rentegrate - an integrated rental management ERP software developed by KPI, Built for NetSuite.
Al Faris achieve better operational efficiency, detailed reporting & truckloads of automation.

Thanks to NetSuite, all their challenges were resolved one by one:

No more spending hours creating manual quotations

Al Faris was able to automate the creation of their entire order cycle. From quotations to sales orders. From equipment allocation to timesheet. and, from billing records to invoicing.

Preparing a quotation now take just two to three minutes! Earlier,it was taking twenty-five minutes. Yes, there were so many manual procedures and documents to refer to.

Site operation processes like security clearances, permissions and equipment test reports are also managed through NetSuite saving both time and efforts.

heavy equipment rental quotation

Gaining complete control over timesheets

Before implementing NetSuite, resource utilization and timesheet management was done using spreadsheets. It was laborious and prone to errors.

Now, the entire process is automated. Timesheets and the rules governing them are defined and auto-linked to the orders. So, the chargeable rates for normal time and overtime are handled seamlesly. Amendments to timesheet records and the handled through automated processes and approvals.

A small team of 3 to 4 members are able to manage the growing number of projects and the related timesheet records.

equipment rental operations software timesheet

Fixing all revenue leakages by automating invoicing

KPI has created bespoke billing rules and schedules in NetSuite. The schedule captures all the possible combinations only once in the chain. And the billing engine seamlessly passes the information through the entire process. Invoices are generated automatically through a controlled process. There is no possibilities of errors. No manual invoicing. And, no room for revenue leakages.

heavy equipment rental invoice

Schedule, monitor and track rental assets, end-to-end

Al Faris now gets real-time visibility and much better control over the entire fleet. Availability calendar feature of Rentegrate provides the management complete control over the scheduling. Help maximize the revenues. This is possible with detailed status of availability and the calendar.

  • Where are the group of asset, or specific asset ? Are they on hire or under repair ? Or lying idle ?
  • when it is expected to come back to yard.
  • when are the next opportunity lined up to a specific asset ?
rental operations allocationrental operations plannerheavy equipment rental assets status

Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

There are multitude of NetSuite standard reports. NetSuite also provide customized analytical reports, Equipment and investment utilisation analysis, Idle assets reports etc.

Fleet unavailable for rent, historical hiring statistics and many more insights help management in taking timely decisions - the users now get precise information and business insights without spending hours.

equipment rental operations availability calendar
Working with KPI

“The implementation team at KPI went beyond the standard NetSuite features. Thanks to our new system and the improved workflows we are able to better manage our resources. NetSuite has provided us better reporting capabilities and real-time visibility across the business.”

Kieve Pinto

Executive Director, Al Faris Equipment Rentals

The Results
  • Enhanced equipment productivity and utilization
  • Automated bookings and billing
  • Reduced admin and manual Tasks
  • Rich analytics & quick data
NetSuite does everything Al Faris needs it to do. It is incredibly reliable, highly scalable and continually being developed to address new requirements as they arise. We are extremely happy to turn our client’s vision into a reality and co-create a system that defines the future of rental operations automation.

With over 30 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, KPI has grown to serve customers from a variety of business sectors and industries across Middle East.

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