Audit Firm In Dubai

KPI Is A Leading Audit firm in Dubai

At KPI Audit is not just verification of the numbers reported by the Company’s management. We go behind the numbers to dig in to the supporting systems, processes and the associated control risks.

Our Audit processes are handled with optimal care, maximum efficiency and sufficient professional skepticism. We look at the financials not just from the perspective of the management who present the financials, but also from the users of the financials like banks and financial institutions.

KPI is one of the 16 DFSA Registered Audit Firms in Dubai. The Registered Auditor status is obtained after successful completion of appraisal of our systems, workflows and capabilities. As a Registered Audit Firm or our systems and processes are subject to DFSA Regulation.

KPI is the first Firm to register in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Audit by An Independent, Trustworthy Firm

Proper disclosures, greater transparency and independent Audit opinion is increasingly being demanded by various stakeholders.

  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Partners and Shareholders
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

Our Audit System & Process

At KPI, we use CCH® ProSystem fx®, a Paperless Audit software by Wolter Kluwer to carry out Audit assignments. The system ensures efficient and effective Audit Engagement, by enabling the following

How We Carry Out Audits?

Not just verify the data in financial statements, we go behind the data to dig in the supporting systems, processes and the associated control risks.

Catering to a wide client base ranging from small individual businesses to large multinationals, KPI utilizes its rich experience in the Middle East to conduct top quality Financial Audits that provide meaningful inferences and pointers to Senior Management.

Conduct top quality audits and give our opinion on IFRS compliant financials, while promising insightful inferences and helpful pointers to manage the business and accounting better.

Why KPI As YourAudit Firm?

While the clients, and clients alone, are the stakeholders for most of our service offerings, we make the distinction when it comes to Assurance Services. It is the users of the Financial Statements who rely on us. And, that’s why we make no compromise on quality of presentation of financial statements.

At KPI the distinction is clear and well understood and is always adhered to.

Talented & Experienced Team

Identifying, hiring and continuously mentoring talented accountants and organizing weekly knowledge sharing sessions that keep everyone at the top of their game.

Comprehensive Processes

All reports are linked to the soft copy of the client’s Trial Balance thus, eliminating errors and mistakes during Audit.

Risk Assessment

Linking risk assessments to Audit processes through Audit Planning.

Quality Output

Emphasising the importance of providing the highest quality output over commercial considerations.

Paperless Audit

High quality Audit using a dynamic audit workflow management tool supported by knowledge base and well structured Audit Manuals.